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Take Care with Keyless Ignitions

Today’s systems are convenient—but they come with some precautions. Here’s what you should know before starting your car.

For many drivers today, starting their car is simply a matter of pushing a button. Keyless ignition is currently offered on more than 160 vehicle models.

Advantages of a keyless ignition system

In a keyless system, drivers carry a transmitter fob instead of a key. A customized chip in the fob “talks” to sensors in the car and allows the driver to start the engine with the push of a button.

The benefits of these systems are appealing. The car senses the presence of the fob—even when it’s in a purse, pocket or briefcase—so there’s no need to fumble for it as might be the case with a key. Drivers with arthritis find it easier to push a button than turn a key. And thieves have a much harder  time trying to steal a car without an ignition lock to pick.

Safety issues with keyless ignitions

As convenient as they are, keyless ignitions aren’t without drawbacks:

Playing it safe

As keyless ignition technology evolves and becomes more widespread, new practices are helping to make the systems safer:

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